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The NYC Daily Post is pleased to bring you collective news perspectives from multiple sources. This daily news series curates articles from around the US and the World to empower your perspective. Do you know a piece of news we could include? Send us a message at

United States – Preservationists raise concerns about oil and gas exploitation

Preservationists demonstrate their concern about oil and gas drilling near Native land, citing concern for negative affects on biodiversity and local communities. One of their biggest concerns includes drilling near the boarders of protected land. While potentially politically motivated, supporters want to build on the momentum they have created in raising the issue with the current administration. You can read more about their efforts here.

Sports – Soldier Field’s condition draws criticism from NFLPA president

The National Football Players Association (NFLPA) president JC Tretter questioned the poor playing conditions of the football field during the recent Bears vs. Chiefs preseason game. Tretter tweeted that the NFL said the field met the minimum testing standards, leading to his criticism and call to reevaluate playing conditions. Other personnel also weighed in on the field conditions. Read more here.

World – Heatwaves in Europe pose wildfire risks

Europe’s summer heatwave has destroyed nearly 660,000 hectares (0ver 160,000 acres) of land through wildfires. If the heatwave trend continues, some experts warn that wildfires could persist in the coming months, bringing more damage to European Union (EU) land. Drought and high temperatures continue to challenge firefighter efforts across the continent. Read more here.

New York – Governor signs new laws to improve safety

The two new laws focus on reducing speed limits to 25 miles per hour and increasing fines for hit-and-runs. The governor cited safety as a necessity for all residents. Learn more about the increased fines and science behind the governor’s recent decision.

Culture – Tips for news art collectors

Building your art collection can be a daunting task. How do you decide upon price, availability, or style? Different art gallerists weigh in with their perspectives and helpful hints for first-time art collectors. Learn more here.

Finance – $318 billion dollars of Chinese investments exit Wall Street

After months of increased pressure, five of China’s largest firms are decoupling from Wall Street. A main source of contention includes American inspectors being unable to audit Chines companies. What could ramifications of the recent exit be? Read more here.

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